Graduate Courses

Corey Mackenzie regularly teaches courses within the Clinical Psychology area of the Department of Psychology at the University of Manitoba.

PSYC 7550 (Intellectual and Cognitive Assessment) is restricted to graduate students in our clinical program. This course provides students with a thorough overview of key issues and clinical knowledge related to cognitive assessment of children and adults. Learning takes place through a combination of course readings, discussion, group exercises, student presentations, and hands-on practical experience with cognitive tests. This course provides students with an important foundation for practica with a cognitive assessment component. 

PSYC 7260/7270/8080 (Case Conceptualization and Communication) is taken by clinical students in the first three years of the program. This course combines empirical research on case conceptualization with practical experience presenting clinical cases. Students develop increasing sophistication in their ability to conceptualize cases as they move through the progression of courses. 

Undergraduate Courses

PSYC 3460 (Abnormal Psychology) is a 3-credit course that provides a broad overview of the most common psychological disorders, as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). In addition to discussing the etiology, symptomatology, and treatment of these disorders, the course also touches on broader issues such as theoretical perspectives on abnormal behavior, and how such behaviors change across the lifespan.

Dr. Mackenzie occasionally teaches PSYC 4540/8040 (Psychology of Aging) which is a 3-credit undergraduate honours/graduate course that's designed to provide students with an understanding of psychological factors that affect and are affected by aging, including basic biological processes (e.g., genetics, cognitive neuroscience), fundamental cognitive abilities (e.g., memory, dementia), social and personality factors (e.g., caregiving, attitudes toward aging), and physical and mental health (e.g., healthy aging, depression).